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Legislative Toolkit

The Kentucky Association of REALTORS® (KAR) supports measures that promote or enable homeLegislative Toolkit ownership and opposes measures that interfere with it.

Therefore, we have put together a Legislative Toolkit, designed to help REALTORS® understand the political framework and provide the resources necessary to get involved in the process.  

By becoming an active participant in politics, REALTORS® help strengthen the influence real estate has with our elected leadership.  

 Election results for the 2014 midterm elections. 

List of KY supported candidates in the 2014 election.


Want to contact a Kentucky legislator? Here are several ways to get in touch with Frankfort.  Find a list of email addresses here.

Contact your legislators using these sample letters: 

Get tips on effectively writing to your legislator here. 

Use this Top Ten List of ways to boost your grassroots advocacy. This is a great resource to use when setting up an office visit or meeting with your legislator.

REALTORS® can use the KAR Legislative Action Center and the NAR Action Center to relay a message to state and federal legislators on issues of importance to the real estate industry.

Download voter registration card if you have not yet registered to vote in Kentucky.

KAR Legislative & Public Policy (Statement of Policy)

KAR has faithfully represented the interests of the nearly 8,600 real estate professionals and over 1.1 million homeowners in Kentucky for the last 90 years. We strongly believe that REALTORS® have an important role to play in every community dealing with the challenges associated with increasing economic growth and quality of life that are important to creating and maintaining vibrant, growing communities. In the context of these challenges, we believe that homeownership investment and commercial real estate positively impact neighborhoods, communities and the overall vibrancy and stability of the Kentucky economy. Having pledged to abide by the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, REALTORS® offer the benefits of their experience and technical expertise to the general public and are dedicated to working with public officials to create strong communities by supporting economic prosperity and creating new housing opportunities, while vigorously protecting the rights of private property owners. This document serves as a guide to these principles.

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