Advertising Opportunities with KAR

There are many good reasons to advertise with the Kentucky Association of REALTORS®. The audience you'll reach is, ultimately, the most important reason for placing advertising with us - more than 9,200 real estate professionals across the state will see your advertisement.

In the Kentucky REALTOR® magazine, a 32-page, twice yearly publication that has quickly become a well respected informational source, sticking around long after publication, which means your ads have an extended shelf-life. The magazine is also posted online for our members to review at their convenience.

For advertising inquiries in the Kentucky REALTOR® magazine, please contact Rick Reuland or Debbie Rauen at Association Publishing Partners, phone number is 630.637.8632. 

KAR also has a monthly e-newsletter, the Real Estate Report, and, the association website that attracts up to 25,000 page views each month.

We have reasonable rates and a targeted audience that looks to KAR with keen interest. 

To place an ad, contact Hunt Cooper, Director of Communications & Education at 800.264.2185 or

Contact KAR

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